About Us

Our magazine was established four years from now and since them, we reached particular heights. Here we typically discuss everything that is somehow connected to the best approach to our health both mental and physical, well-being, and overall happiness. That approach is holistic care.

Our team consists of doctors, patients, people who are fond of meditation and thinking. We are all united by our love to people and our genuine desire to help those in need. The holistic approach is, in our minds, the best one, as it offers an option for every person out there.

One of the best parts of the holistic approach is that it’s not connected to healthcare, bills and insurances. It has nothing to do with medicine, yet it’s all about your health. People interested in this approach treat both mind and body to keep the most important tools for any person in good shape.

While the majority of Western doctors treat this approach as something opposed to science and rationality, we want to prove them wrong. And we can. You will find tons of stories from people and doctors who tried and practiced holistic approach and found it to be very helpful for many conditions.

We believe that this way is also the best way for cancer patients, patients with sclerosis or people with terminal illnesses. The holistic approach proved to bring them peace of mind, help them find dignity and become stronger. Along with special treatment for their conditions, it also showed the ability to enhance the results of pills and injections.

We believe that holistic approach gives people hope and returns them back to life, making them feel much better. We want everyone to have that option in their lives. Plus, you can try this approach even if you’re in good health. Chances are, you feel cope with mood swings and emotions much better, reconnect with your inner self and help yourself grow personally and mentally.