Our Team

We started our magazine with just two people and now it grew into something much bigger. The whole purpose changed and now we can offer you more information and different ideas. Our team grew exponentially and now we have people who take care of different sections.

  • Mitchell Bradley.
    Mr. Bradley is an original founder of our magazine. He started with an idea to make people more accustomed and familiar with holistic care. He works in a medical center in Florida and holistic approach became important to him when his best friend was diagnosed with cancer. After that and months of treatment and hopeless nights, that approach occupied his mind. Mr. Bradley believes that holistic approach gives people chances, so he wants more people to know about it.
  • Chelsea Turner.
    Chelsea worked in children’s hospital and now she works with children with special needs in high school. She believes in holistic approach as she found that it helps many of her kids in high school. She also loves IT, so she wanted to help and create a magazine, where people would find out more about holistic care. She helps run our magazine and fixes IT stuff.
  • Julian Turner.
    Julian is one of the best sources of knowledge. He knows everything about this approach, though he doesn’t specialize in one particular branch. Julian works on our content and usually when he discovers something exciting, he always shares it with our readers.
  • Adam Herland.
    Adam is an acupuncture specialist and a perfect listener. He’s been working with a holistic approach for years now. He likes acupuncture and he is very proud of having plenty of clients that no longer experience pain and different unpleasantries.
  • Bob Beighton.
    Bob is our massage specialist. He is now working with professional athletes who often experience different kinds of trauma. He believes that massage along with special workout plans can help athletes protect themselves and make their bodies stronger.
  • Amanda Dennis.
    Amanda is the newest writer we have on our team. She is a specialist in aromatherapy and everything that is related to smells. She believes that aromas and scents can help people relax and feel much better. In the long run, they will also improve character and moods.

Even though we work on our content ourselves, we also accept guest posting. If you want to advertise your article and/or blog and submit us your post, we would be more than happy to publish it for you. We only ask you to keep to our theme (so your article has to do something with holistic care, mindfulness or alternative medicine) and avoid mistakes and plagiarism. Other than that, we don’t ask for anything special.